Green Luxury is the New Gold

Desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle will only get greater during this decade. More consumers are not only eco-aware but keen to demonstrate that they are both conscious and responsible global citizens, while creating a lifestyle that makes them feel good.

Green luxury changes how we view hotel or holiday accommodations, clothes & apparels that we wear, bags that we carry, to food that we consume. Green luxury is about aligning your spending with your values by making intentional choices to attain an exquisite lifestyle that meets our beauty and style, self-care rituals, living practices and daily life. This is not just another trend. 

Live life to its full potential and with harmony with our precious world have become a much higher priority for more people, compared to a decade ago. This might be due to higher levels of awareness towards our environment, or experiencing deteriorating air quality and the effects of global warming over the years of our current generation.

Pre-owned luxury, the idea of saving money and buying one product rather than owning a dozen of low quality products is one way to adopt green luxury into our daily lives. 

Following might be some of the reasons why pre-owned luxury is growing rapidly:

  • Affordability

You pay less to own a branded piece of luxury, compared to paying full price.

  • Sustainability

The fashion industry alone consumes more water than the entire United State irrigation system. 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.

  • Circular Economy

To steer away from “make-take-waste” consumerism, but to maximize the lifespan of the product, while benefiting the environment, society as well as business.

  • Quality & Durability

The workmanship and material of pre-owned/vintage items have higher quality and durability compared to low priced fast fashion items.